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April 2024
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Our Passion

We are passionate in empowering women with their own natural beauty, making them feel strong, independent, and confident of themselves. Our aspiration is to have every client leaving the salon feeling pampered, relaxed and the best version of themselves brought out. We carefully tailor every service and after-care to ensure clients are fully satisfied with their treatment and have the most enjoyable experience.

Our Values

At Top Beauty Shop we believe that honesty and openness is the recipe for a healthy trusting relationship. It’s not just about being a good listener or a good communicator but also forming an emotional connection, how much you care about the other party, both professionally and personally. We strive to connect with our stakeholders on a personal level to truly embrace their thoughts and opinions. Forming an honest opinion for our client on maintaining healthy lash and brow is our top priority.

What we offer.

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Vagus Place, Royal Oak

Auckland, New Zealand

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